How to be Grateful for EVERY Person in Your Life (Even the Difficult Ones)

The Lesson: Want to be more grateful for those in your personal and work life? Learn the four personality styles using easy to remember Birds - The Eagle, The Parrot, The Dove and the Owl. Appreciate and value what each style brings to your life. The Story: I love the holiday season – families and [...]

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Giving Feedback: 5 Rules for Being a Positive Influence on Performance

The Lesson: Use constructive feedback to positively influence performance by following these 5 rules. (1) Master your words, tone, and body language (2) Don’t give feedback when your angry (3) Don’t do the feedback sandwich (4) Focus on what is meaningful and valuable at this time and (5) Identify what the person should start, stop [...]

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The Five Building Blocks of Performance Management

The Lesson: Need help getting started with your performance management program? Start with these five basic building blocks listed in order: (1) Clearly Defined Goals (2) Accountability and Visibility (3) A Culture of Coaching and Feedback (4) Training and Development (5) Defined Rewards and Compensation Strategy The Story: This week we’ve had an increase in [...]

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What your dentist would say about your engagement strategy

The Lesson: Show your talent that you care about them by asking them regularly about their work experiences. Use a simple engagement tool like 15Five to keep a regular pulse on your talent’s engagement and hold leaders accountable for creating and sustaining an engaged workforce. The Story: A few years ago, one of my good [...]

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Embracing Your Personality

The Lesson: Your personality is one of your core strengths as a leader. EMBRACE it – know the value it adds and potential pitfalls. PRACTICE the art of stretching outside your comfort zone so you can adeptly handle any situation. APPRECIATE the value that other styles bring to the workplace. The Story: A few weekends [...]

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