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Why Every New Team Should Take A Personality Profile

The Lesson: Leaders, take the time to build a healthy team environment using a personality profile. It will help team members understand what each other needs to be successful, improve the coaching experience, build trust among team members and improve overall team results. The Story: Last weekend, I found myself flying solo with the kids, so I took them out for breakfast and then to the zoo figuring it would burn at least 5 hours and put them both into a deep sleep by nap time. Luckily, there is a place nearby where the coffee and food are good, the [...]

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5 Career Tips for the College Graduate and Anyone with a Career!

Seventeen years ago right around this time, I had just completed four years at St. Joseph’s University with a major in finance. On paper, I was off to a great start with two job offers from prominent financial institutions. In reality, I was panicking. I hated finance. For four years I suffered through the classes and internships always hoping that I would one day like it. That day never came. So when I ran into a friend a few weeks before graduation and she told me about her new job as a consultant at a company called Anderson Consulting (now [...]

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Getting Your Money’s Worth: 7 Ways to Use Personality Assessments at Work

Are you considering using personality assessments at work, but having a hard time justifying the cost? I get it. Your training dollars are limited and you want to make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck. Here are 7 ways to use personality assessments in the workplace as part of your talent development strategy. Setting New Teams Up for Success - Casey Stengel, former baseball manager, once said "Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part." Imagine, a new team is formed and tasked with this HUGE, IMPORTANT goal. Each team [...]

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3 Tips for Improving Team Member Performance

Have a team member who is struggling to get results? Here are 3 tips on how to help them improve their game. Be crystal clear on what success looks like. Does your team member know where the finish line is? For example, if your team member is responsible for hiring talent, how do you measure their success? Is it 5 new hires or 10? Do you need these new hires now or by end of the year? Be specific and identify the finish line for your team member so they know when they are successful, when they need to sprint, [...]

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Performance Management: The Five Mistakes Companies Make

A few weeks ago, I was in the waiting room of a hospital as my mom recovered from her 4th back surgery. She was in the post-op room for a few hours as we waited for her private room to be cleaned. I was angry. It had been two hours since my mom’s surgery ended and her room was still not ready. I checked with the nursing station to see what the issue was. The head nurse informed me it was the busiest they had been in a long time and every bed was occupied. The room she was waiting [...]

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Want a Fulfilling Career? Do These Three Things

The Lesson: If you want a fulfilling career, find ways to use your strengths, work within your natural style and stay true to your core values. The Story: This week has been crazy. The kids are off from school, my house looks like a tornado hit with toys all over the place, and my kitchen looks like my old college dorm room with every unhealthy thing you could imagine pouring out of the cabinets and fridge. In the midst of all the craziness, I have been trying to get some work done including this blog and I’M STUCK. And when [...]

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How to be Grateful for EVERY Person in Your Life (Even the Difficult Ones)

The Lesson: Want to be more grateful for those in your personal and work life? Learn the four personality styles using easy to remember Birds - The Eagle, The Parrot, The Dove and the Owl. Appreciate and value what each style brings to your life. The Story: I love the holiday season – families and friends getting together to enjoy delicious food, re-connecting with one another and carrying out new and old traditions. I am big on traditions. A tradition I am especially fond of is one my husband started a few years ago. Before tucking our daughter into bed [...]

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Giving Feedback: 5 Rules for Being a Positive Influence on Performance

The Lesson: Use constructive feedback to positively influence performance by following these 5 rules. (1) Master your words, tone, and body language (2) Don’t give feedback when your angry (3) Don’t do the feedback sandwich (4) Focus on what is meaningful and valuable at this time and (5) Identify what the person should start, stop or continue doing so they can be successful The Story: Several years ago, I experienced one of those horrible feedback moments. The kind where I found myself an hour later stewing in my office, having one-sided conversations on what I should have said, and texting [...]

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The Five Building Blocks of Performance Management

The Lesson: Need help getting started with your performance management program? Start with these five basic building blocks listed in order: (1) Clearly Defined Goals (2) Accountability and Visibility (3) A Culture of Coaching and Feedback (4) Training and Development (5) Defined Rewards and Compensation Strategy The Story: This week we’ve had an increase in tantrums and bad behavior in our house, and it’s NOT the dog. It could be due to the buckets of candy lurking in every corner or maybe mercury is in retrograde again. Either way, I need help with the kids and sticker charts worked the [...]

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What your dentist would say about your engagement strategy

The Lesson: Show your talent that you care about them by asking them regularly about their work experiences. Use a simple engagement tool like 15Five to keep a regular pulse on your talent’s engagement and hold leaders accountable for creating and sustaining an engaged workforce. The Story: A few years ago, one of my good friends packed up and left Philadelphia for sunny California. Separated by three thousand miles, we meet up every summer at her parents' shore house for a few days. Although our visits are short, I love them. I get to spend time with one of my [...]

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