Assessments to help you develop high performing leaders and teams.

A critical part of development is self-awareness.  I use the following assessments and tools in my coaching and training engagements:



Hogan Assessments. Science-backed personality assessments based on 25 years of research. Includes (1) Hogan Personality Inventory, (2) Hogan Development Survey, (3) Motivators, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI), and (4) Hogan Business Reasoning. Ideal for organizations that want to improve quality of hire, facilitate individual and leadership development, and enhance team effectiveness.

OPTM 360


OPTM 360 REVIEW.  Online 360 Review that combines science and simplicity to gather anonymous, action-focused feedback from the individual’s stakeholders.  Unlike other 360 review tools, this development-focused assessment makes it easy for the individual to digest the feedback and take immediate action to improve. Ideal for leaders who want to be better leaders faster.

Take Flight


Take Flight with DISC. A behavioral style assessment that provides an easy and fast way to build understanding of and appreciation for different styles at work and their impact on communications.  Tool uses fun and memorable birds to create a learning experience that will stick long after the training.  Ideal for teams and organizations that want to improve their communications and interactions with others.

Energy Leadership


Energy Leadership Index (ELI). Research-backed attitudinal assessment that measures how the individual perceives the world and the impacts of these perceptions on their performance. The ELI identifies the individual’s level of energy when things are going well and when they aren’t. Ideal for anyone who is feeling stuck in their life or career.