Your organization’s success relies

on great leaders at ALL levels.

Coaching to accelerate the development of leaders outside of the executive team.

Your organization’s success relies

on great leaders at ALL levels.

Coaching to accelerate the development of leaders outside of the executive team.

 It’s the highly visible, high stakes role. The big promotion. The new division.  The most troublesome department.  Whatever the challenge is, the person leading the effort is critical to its success and you need them to be ready. How READY is your leader?

Only 30% of HR Professionals believe their organization’s current leadership quality is high.  When asked about future bench strength, the number was even worse at 14%.  And yet, these initiatives have a lot riding on them.  It’s more than financial performance.  You recognize that these leaders are leading teams, possibly other leaders.  The experience they create has huge impacts on team engagement, retention, and development.

Billions of dollars have been spent on leadership development programs, but the ROI remains low.  Training provides the critical leadership skills and tools, but does not explore all facets of leadership, nor does it create long-lasting behavior change.  Coaching does.

I’m Meghan Roberts, a certified Leadership Coach.  I coach leaders so they can successfully drive the execution of organizational strategy, increase team engagement, and create a positive experience.  I work exclusively with leaders outside of the executive team – experienced Managers, Directors, and VPs –  to improve their leadership capabilities. No doubt, the executive team is important.  It’s where strategy is created.  But I prefer the middle – where strategy and execution meet.  My coaching is customized, practical and comprehensive with the purpose of transforming good leaders into great leaders who bring strategy and high performing teams to life.

Meghan provided many challenges along the way. It was through these challenges that I was able to become more confident and to know that I can be quite impactful as a leader all the way around. She made me see things at various angles that helped me to open up to different prospects and solutions. Our calls were professional, fun, intense, encouraging, and insightful. I could go on and on as to the impact coaching with Meghan has had for me. It was just not an experience that impacted me, but my team as well as the company I work for. Through and through, it was a positive experience that I highly recommend.
Judy, Project Manager at Xtel Communications

When I first met Meghan I was immediately impressed. She set some clear expectations and ground rules that led to a creating an environment where I could maximize this time. I thought I was working hard at developing, but she helped me to focus on areas of opportunity as pointed out in my 360. She is not hesitant to provide honest feedback, but did so in a way that motivated me. The growth I experienced in our engagement has been noticed by some colleagues.. I can’t state enough how beneficial this engagement was. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Will, Director at Bayada 

Working with Meghan over a few months, we used an approach to increase my self-awareness, determine where and who I want to be in my career, determine issues potentially impeding that, and come up with a plan of action to overcome those issues. The overall process was fascinating and really valuable; I now feel more self-aware, and Meghan was an awesome coach along the way. If you are struggling at all with questions like “What do I want to do?”, “Who do I want to be?”, “How do I know if I am headed in the right direction in my career?”, I highly recommend working with Meghan. Her approach and style will give you some great (and maybe surprising) insights into yourself.

Holly, Senior Manager at Pfizer 

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A 5 step coaching process that aligns the leader’s development to the organization’s values and business outcomes and increases the leader’s firm-wide impact


Conduct individual sessions with the sponsor and leader to align on coaching goals


Increase self-awareness through 360 review and a research-based personality assessment


Create a plan to enhance leadership skills and build positive leadership brand


Execute, reflect and adjust.  Identify and remove obstacles to success


Make behavior change permanent with new habits and accountability

Individual and group coaching that accelerates the development of your leaders.

Leaders increase self-awareness, enhance mission-critical leadership skills, create an authentic leadership vision and brand, and build healthy leadership habits. Individuals transform from good leaders to great leaders who deliver:

Amazing Results

Admirable Approach

Positive Experience

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